Sunday, January 13, 2013

White With You: Idle No More

When I speak with Sylvia, one of the founding four of Idle No More, I tell her I am very honoured to walk alongside thier movement as a settler descendant. I thank her for welcoming the newcomer Canadians to Idle No More. I say that it's easy for us, when we learn about our history, to become full of shame and then we don't know what to do.

Sylvia stops me, and says in a gentle, rainwater voice, to tell my settler friends not to come to this grassroots movement with shame, but to bring our creative selves and we will make Canada a better place for all of us.

White With You, Sheelah, Nina, Sylvia, and Jess.

Idle No More in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan.

White grandmother, Hazel Jardine, speaking
in support of Idle No More with Lisa of the Sun.

Daughter and Mother, Daisy and Kate, say,
"Settler Descendants are
Idle No More."
Little Coulsin Emora walks at least half the way,
hand in hand with her daddy, Brian.
Colleagues, Andre and Melissa, take their lunch hour to
make hot chocolate for our minus 27 windchill walk.

Victoria carrying half of the banner, "WE ARE ALL TREATY PEOPLE"
with the Treaty Four Governance Centre in the background

 Cousin Angela and Emora cuddling before we get ready to Unity Walk.
Emily and Val, Dynamic Daughter Mother Duo
"Changing Our World:
One Step at a Time
Idle No More


Minister Sharon and the Jardine's representing Kairos

Go Greg Go!

Three of the dear faces of Idle No More
in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan

Professor Jim Harding, in the green.
After the Unity Walk, at the Governance Centre
the event organizers asked Jim to add his voice to the agenda.
He has been an environmental ally for years and years.

Victoria and Cousin Brian

Arwen and Cousin Emora

Emora and Sharon bonding over colouring.

Moira in the middle, with her teacher, Val.
and friends, Emily, Kevin and Sweet.
Faces of Idle No More

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  1. Wish I could have met those founding women, but glad to have been on soup and chili detail also. Idle No More!