Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Retweeting #treatyed @ClaireKreuger

Dear Claire,

I've never met you, but I feel like I have. Yesterday I read and retweeted a bunch of your quotes #treatyed #ecs210

I wish I could have been there to hear you say that we don't have to be experts to be treaty educators. That teaching treaty is not about teaching culture. That First Nations people are diverse. That treaties call us to share the land.

I really needed to hear you say that mistakes make room for us to grow.

I love your blog banner, "We Are All Treaty People" and I celebration your mission statement:"An ongoing quest to bring treaty education to the classroom." treatypeople.edublogs.org

I teach grade nine and ten English in Fort Qu'Appelle in the heart of Treaty Four. Did you come to the September Gathering this past fall? Maybe next year our classes could meet up, or do a joint project.

Maybe your kids would like to see our blog www.thefoxattreaty4.blogspot.com. We also did a lot of tweeting @thefoxattreaty4

Hope to meet you soon!

Sheena @TreatyWalks

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday to Sunday Treaty Walking

Today we meet at my cousins' home on Craigleith for Sunday Circle. We share our struggles, we share our hope. We laugh, we pray, we cry. We hold each other's children. We encourage one another with scripture. First Nation and Settler, we are learning to be in one another's homes. We are trying to walk humbly like Jesus.

Today our circle went as far as Pasqua First Nation and as close as a small house across the tracks where a broken brother told my husband and I, "they'll call the cops on us, they'll take our money, but they won't be our friends." 

It's time for that chapter to be over. It's time to learn to be family, brother-to-brother, like those visionary old ones spoke into Treaty. 

Every day I walk this town, teach in our community school, drive through the heart of Treaty Four to my home in the hills. Every day is an opportunity to build relationships. From Sunday to Sunday I reflect on these relationships. I consider promises and broken promises. I remember blessings and oppression. I realize the riches we have to share back and forth, First Nation and Settler, our old teachings and sacred verses guiding us. I step closer into the circle.