Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Retweeting #treatyed @ClaireKreuger

Dear Claire,

I've never met you, but I feel like I have. Yesterday I read and retweeted a bunch of your quotes #treatyed #ecs210

I wish I could have been there to hear you say that we don't have to be experts to be treaty educators. That teaching treaty is not about teaching culture. That First Nations people are diverse. That treaties call us to share the land.

I really needed to hear you say that mistakes make room for us to grow.

I love your blog banner, "We Are All Treaty People" and I celebration your mission statement:"An ongoing quest to bring treaty education to the classroom." treatypeople.edublogs.org

I teach grade nine and ten English in Fort Qu'Appelle in the heart of Treaty Four. Did you come to the September Gathering this past fall? Maybe next year our classes could meet up, or do a joint project.

Maybe your kids would like to see our blog www.thefoxattreaty4.blogspot.com. We also did a lot of tweeting @thefoxattreaty4

Hope to meet you soon!

Sheena @TreatyWalks


  1. Hi Sheena,
    So nice to meet you (virtually!). I have not been to Treaty Days in September. Field trips in September are so tricky! But maybe I should be a bit braver and try that next year. I'm really glad to connect with you and would love to chat about teaching treaties some time. I am totally into doing a joint project!!! Right now we're moving on to talking about what life looked like Pre-European contact. I've typically shied away from this in the past, so this is all new learning for me! I got called to account last year with my ignorance of the Turtle Island creation story (there's my mistakes again!). So I may start with that. Just finished Thomas King's The Back of the Turtle last night so I'm on that page at the moment. How are things going for you this year? How do you approach Treaty Education at the High School level?
    Such a pleasure...
    Claire Kreuger @ClaireKreuger

    1. Hi Claire. So nice to hear from you. Happy 2015. I just participated in a Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching project focused on Treaty Catalyst Teachers. When that final report is done, I'll pass along the link to you. Also, Tamara Smith, a masters student at the UofR just finished an amazing thesis all about women teaching about Treaties in Saskatchewan. Again, when that link is ready, I'll pass along to you. Both these projects reflect what it's like, teaching Treaty at the High School level. Let's talk more about the possibility of you bringing your class to the September Treaty Four Gathering. I'm sure we could buddy you up with one of our local elementary classes. Or, maybe some of my grade tens could act as tour guides? I'd love to do something collaborative with you :)