Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Still Remember Treaty Walks Password


It's been twenty days since I posted on my Treaty Walks blog. I was almost afraid that I'd forgotten the password. Every one of those twenty undocumented days has taught me something new about treaty, in fact, I'm overwhelmed; I could write for two, three, four hours every day. In fact, I should write that long to truly honour the significance of Miyowicehtowin,Witaskewin, and Pimacihowin:
to honour this land where we are getting along, living together, making a living.

But right now, I don't have two hours a day. So, what do I do?

I can facebook Sue and Kate. Help?

I can text Char. <3

I can watch my daughter walk across the graduation stage wearing her grad gift, moccasins from Black Lake.

I can make coffee for a meeting today after school as we consider applying for a McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching grant.

I can have a coaching session with Kevin.

I can go on a road trip with Val, Melissa, Tami and Jade to the Black Hills and listen to Martin Brokenleg talk about the Circle of Courage.

I can take a deep breath and keep walking.

Photo: Opening my Mum's grad gift. A beautiful pair of moccasins from Black Lake. They even smell right! I bawled.