Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prayer Request

The silver coffee perk's light is glowing red as people file down the school hallway, toward the library, dodging kids running in and out of the basketball game going on in the gym. We're not sure how many to expect, so we've left tables set up as usual. People fill one table, and then as more come, a circle forms with the two rectangle tables in the middle. It's Tuesday night, and our Sunday Circle has signed up to host the second event in Fort Qu'Appelle's Week of Prayer.

My new friend, Virgina, brings us a song she wrote. Her husband Allan shares a song, too. This lovely couple, from Manitoba, are studying at the Full Gospel Indian Bible School at B'Say'Tah. Cousin Brian shares a song he wrote for the Chapman Stick inspired by Isaiah 58. I read the scripture silently while he plays.

I hold a green sheet that says, "Prayer Requests for Fort Qu'Appelle's Week of Prayer." I had stopped by Outreach yesterday and left a sheet if anyone wanted prayers for anything specific. There are six men's names on the list.

I explain that we often pray in a chain-prayer style, and ask if people feel comfortable participating. I see nods, so I say that I'll start, we'll go around the circle, and I'll finish.

We pray together. We pray for our community. We pray for unity. We pray for protection. We pray for the six men by name.

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  1. Sheena, it's our privilege to also pray for the six men and any other prayer requests that Fort Qu'Appelle has.