Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Victoria and Tyler's Engagement Photo Shoot

Tyler popped the question on the seventeenth in our living room. Victoria inboxed me just after midnight because she saw I was on facebook. I came down in my housecoat, I got to see the ring, and we talked until after one, on a school night.
Today is New Year's day and Victoria has planned an engagement photo shoot, so she has us up and out of the house, hoping for a sunrise, with an actual sun, but it's a dull morning, soft pinks up top (that's how we say, out of the valley) but there's only a few seconds of sunshine before the clouds take over.
I try to have my artist cap on -- or more like my artist's toque, it's cold -- but it's hard watching my baby, all in love in the lens of my camera. So I just keep snapping. Some things just aren't about me.
I remember Michael and I talking about what people are going to say, they're so young -- because we're thinking it too -- and we committed to stand behind our kids. We would bear witness to and support their decision, their love, their friendship, their covenant, their family. 
My grandma Lavine once told me that the reason you invite people to your wedding is so that they are witnesses to your marriage, so that when things are tough, you have a community to support you, to hold you accountable, to cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh.
So, here I am, on the front lines, witnessing right from day one. 
Michael's good buddy, Steve, once told me, "Well, the way they used to make treaties was to marry people off to each other."
So, here we go, my treaty walk with a twist, but then I remember, this isn't my treaty walk, this is about Tyler and Victoria and the road they will travel.

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