Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprise Round Dance on the George Stroumboulopoulos Show

A round dance.
A friendship dance.
Holding hands in a circle.
Someone singing.
Drums beating or maybe just
some hands clapping the rhythm
I'm so happy to see a round dance
surprise the cbc audience
go George go

-- Sheena

Sent to all on the national Living Into Right Relations email list, for wide distribution.

Hello Friends

Here's a link to a clip from cbc television of Wab Kinew apparently improvising a flash mob round dance on the George Tonight show with George Stroumboulopoulos.

You can watch the round dance segment at this link, or if you tune into the show tonight (Monday) after the news you can see the whole interview, in which Wab talks to George about Idle No More, and about how all Canadians are treaty people.

For me this is empowering to see how the Idle No More movement is about celebrating Aboriginal culture too, and about inviting solidarity with non-Aboriginal allies. We often see the INM events presented solely as protest, but they are much more positive than that.


Here's our Round Dance on the intersection between Highway #10 and #35 in Fort Qu'Appelle, January 11th, 2013

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