Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Letter to Rex Murphy on Cross Country Checkup

Hi Rex.

I was on your show on Sunday and happy to make the edited version on Monday. You made a sidebar comment during my interview, "that would make an interesting little show of it's own" or something to the effect.

I've developed an "assignment" at school called "Treaty Walks for Kids" and I'd love to give Canadian's a Treaty Walks assignment. The premise is that individuals or groups walk somewhere, in their own backyards, and consider a piece of treaty history/relevance/community curriculum/philosophy/world view etc. Then, they can write, dance, pray, sing, photograph, dialogue about what they have learned. I'd love to post Treaty Walks from across the country on my blog.

Treaty Walks aren't just intellectual exercises, they are heart education as well. And the act of walking is significant in the step-by-step awareness of the land on which we live. These walks are also spiritual as they help slow us down to commune with "something" bigger than ourselves.

Just an off the top of my head suggestion. Thanks for your coverage of Idle No More. There is great hope stirring in this country.

All the best from Saskatchewan.


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  1. Dear Government of Canada

    I am writing you this letter because I’m sort of confused.
    Let me tell you my history.
    I’m from a family of 9 children. I left home at the age of 15. At that time I never knew what my future was going to be. Working two jobs, paying rent and focusing on completing high school. At the age of 17, I met your representative from a recruiting centre; he travelled 103 miles to visit us young students at my school.
    The Sergeant that introduced himself informed me that my government had a wonderful job and career for me. And if I accepted this job, I would get new clothing medical and food. For doing my job, I would be entitled to retire at a young age and I would be taken care of for the rest of my life. Not only would this be great for me as a young lad, but when I’m ready for a family, my government would take care of them also.
    Well, I tell you M. Government; I went home and told my parents and family who I was introduced to and they didn’t have to worry about my future because I had an appointment with the strongest department of my country.
    Upon meeting the nice people at the recruiting centre, I was told to finish high school and I would have a job in the navy. Well not even knowing what the ocean looked like, I was the most excited young man that I knew.
    I was under the impression that I had to be strong and represent my country to the best and above expectation of my abilities. And in exchange my government would do the same for me and my family.
    After quite a few years working in the navy, I got ill, and 10 years later I was forced to retire from serving you (my government) you told me that I was no longer needed because I was to disabled.
    At first when I found out that my disease would get more and more serious as I age, I became very worried about the future of my child and wife. But then, I remembered 18 years earlier that the gentlemen from the recruiting office had told me that everything would be taken care of if anything ever happened. Yes, at this time, I became entitle to a pension from SISIP. I was told that I needed to apply for VAC pension and CCPD.
    When applying for a Veterans pension, I was told that I would not qualify. Well, I know that I may not be the brightest person around; however, I was smart enough to know that I should challenge the same people that once told me that I and my family would be taken care of. Mr. Government, after challenging your board, you informed me that I would receive a veteran’s pension. However it took 13 more years of applying for the CPPD to finally be approved. (I was finally approved when I asked if I needed to wait until I was decease in order to receive this pension, as most people in my condition rarely make it to the qualified age)
    Now I am at one of the final chapters of my life, having to struggle all of this time in order to scrape enough money to feed and shelter my family. Almost loosing my home on a several occasions, because I am not able to get gainful employment in order to receive extra money to cover the normal quality of life.
    Mr. Government, we now find ourselves in court fighting the same people that once told me , “I would be entitled to retire at a young age and I would be taken care of for the rest of my life. Not only would this be great for me as a young lad, but when I’m ready for a family, my government would take care of them also.”
    Mr. Government can you please explain to me what you mean by “taking care of”. I trusted you the same as your children must trust you to make the proper decision for your veterans, because you are qualified to take the highest position in our country.
    If I was still healthy, I assure you that I would still be representing you and our country. Why is it that you are making me pay these big lawyers all this money to fight you, what about your promise?
    Thank you, from this Brocken Sailor