Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Preparations for Unity Walk on Friday

Michael and I have taken Friday off; the girls have talked to their teachers, we're planning to attend the Unity Walk this Friday in Fort Qu'Appelle as a family. We've made a shopping list: hot chocolate, chili ingredients, bowls, cups, and spoons. We'll grab tables and extension cords from home and help with set up at ten before the walk. The girls are making plans with their friends, thinking about what they'll put on a sign, organizing their winter gear. It's supposed to be really cold.

Really looking forward to being a treaty four family, walking with my community. See you there.

**** UPDATED **** UPDATED **** UPDATED **** UPDATED ****

There were a few minor details with the last agenda that was causing a bit of  confusion... We hope that this this is an updated version of the agenda clears things up - if you have any questions please feel free to shoot us and inbox.... :) 


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  1. Thanks! I was trying to figure out where it was all starting! We'll see you there. I'm at the library at 10, so we can just cross the street to the starting place- see you then!