Saturday, January 12, 2013

What Does Sovereignty Mean to You?

In the Governance Centre after our Unity Walk, Jess Gordon, one of the original four of Idle No More, asked the audience, "What Does Sovereignty Mean to You?" I posted this on facebook while she was still speaking.

Here's what two of my friends responded:

"I'm sad to say, but it has felt like Harper has incarnated Canadian sovereignty. He has done so like a cowardly bully on the playground, getting others to do his underhanded mission of greed; sacrificing for always our nation that has been entrusted to him for a short period of time. Having a majority government I wonder why so many voters want this cheeky tyranny. Canadian sovereignty has made me cringe, as I do when my throat is dry and raw from a 2 day coughing cold and I feel a tickle emerging in my uvula. I see hope now. Idle no more is a concept that is spreading through out Canada and has now been seen by the world; who now watches us to see what happens. If this momentum can be sustained for a little longer, the people will once again hold our National leaders responsible, no longer being a ruling autocracy. I look forward to "idle no more" incarnating Canadian sovereignty. That's kind of how I feel." -- Steve Krause. Fort Qu'Appelle, of German and Nakota descent.

"It means we can take care of our lands, that what it means. We all must fight, rather than sitting on our asses. This is making me real angry. I hate the government for taking advantage of us."                 -- Douglas Bouvier, of Black Lake, Dene descent.

Hey, Steve. Can I quote you on my blog? Douglas, the four women who started Idle No More are asking us to act "sovereign" in a variety of creative, peaceful and unorthodox ways. Things like speaking the indigenous languages, story telling, and anything that helps the sovereign nations (and cultures) resurge! What are you passionate about in your culture? How can you help pass that on? I believe in this generation of young people. You will make a difference.  -- Sheena Koops, Fort Qu'Appelle, of Norweign, Scottish, Irish, and English descent.

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