Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shopping with Keitha

Yesterday, Keitha and I bought jube jubes, jelly beans, gummy bears, fuzzy peaches, candy canes, and enough candy to stuff two hundred Santa Bags for our Community Outreach Christmas Dinner. We are so blessed. People keep stepping up with turkeys in one hand and donations in the other.

Yesterday, before I went shopping with Keitha, I was feeling pretty lost in my treaty learnings as people were protesting in the grassroots Idle No More movement across Canada. I haven't kept up with the sweeping changes initiated in Bill C-45 passed last week. I don't know how they exactly have impacted or insulted the treaties. I don't know where I'll find the time to self-educate within this immediate political context. I'm just starting to get my mind wrapped around the past.

But hanging out with Keitha, my friend and big sister, was another humble step in my treaty walk. Keitha Brass is treaty four signator, Chief Ben Pasqua's Great Granddaughter. She and I have planned the Community Outreach Christmas Dinner for Seven years together. Although I have so much to learn about honouring treaty and so much context to grasp, I can take comfort that Keitha and I are walking in peace and friendship, just like the treaties envisioned, friendship as sweet as a gummy bear.

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