Thursday, December 27, 2012

Open Letter to Norway for Advocacy or Mass Immigration


The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
Postboks 8108 Dep.
NO-0032 Oslo

Dear Sir or Madame:
I am a Canadian; however, my country is in trouble. I turn to you first, the country of Norway, because both of my grandmothers’ people are from your great land. We need your help; my family, daughters, nieces and nephews may need a homeland given the current state of affairs in Canada.
There is an uprising in Canada, which is gaining momentum world-wide, called Idle No More. I am not a lawyer, historian, or politician, but this is how I understand the situation. Given an overwhelming parade of alien explorers, profiteers, business, religion, and eventually settlers, many, but not all of the First Nations people of this land signed treaties with the British Crown. The treaties were nation to nation agreements to ensure the rights and responsibilities of getting along together, sharing the land, and making a living.
As you know, Canada is now considered to be one of the best countries world-wide; however, the United Nations is investigating the reality of this claim. Canada, now representing the Crown, is not living up to treaty implementation. In fact, Canada’s treaty partners, many of the First Nations, are living much, much below the economic standards of other Canadians. As experts investigate this complex duality, fingers are pointing at unimplemented treaty responsibilities.
Most recently, a bill was passed in Canada’s House of Commons, Bill C-45, which impacts a wide variety of issues. Many of the topics should have had consultation from First Nation treaty partners, but the Canadian government passed the bill without allowing First Nations to fulfill their responsibility to their people, land, and economy.
With great moral authority, Chief Theresa Spence is in her third week of a hunger strike, calling for a nation –to-nation meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, but he is denying this meeting. People of all nations are rallying around Chief Spence and the Idle No More movement.
I am contacting you, The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, for two reasons. One, will you advocate with your government to contact our Prime Minister requesting him to meet with Chief Spence? Two, will you consider mass immigration of Canadians given that Canada’s Crown is in breach of contract, because what will we do if the First Nations ask us to leave?


Sheena Koops
Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan


  1. Sheena, I don't understand your motive for this letter, and am immensely curious. Why do you think our First Nations brothers and sister would ask us to leave? I would hope they would ask us to join? Also, why Norway?

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