Monday, December 10, 2012

Prayer on Monday for Idle No More

It's Monday night. This morning, I heard something on the radio about a prayer gathering at the Regina Legislature for Idle No More leaders who are protesting Bill C-45 which was rammed through Parliament last week (for which treaty chiefs were not consulted and then were denied access to the chamber where the bill was being passed, if I've got my details straight.)

I am feeling behind in my learning. As I get ready to take my youngest daughter to her dance class, I think to myself, I'm 138 years behind in my learning. That's how long treaty four has been here, and I've just been thinking about my responsibility to treaty for over a year. So maybe I'm just 137 years behind.

How do I support this movement when I am so behind? I don't even know what Idle No More stands for. So here I go. I google "Idle No More Regina" and I find this post at wordpress by Saskboy. Yes there was prayer today in Regina, as well as dancing, speeches, and signs.

And then I read this post at by Nora Loreto who is bringing a non-indigenous perspective to Idle No more. Thank you very much, Nora. I agree with you that newcomer Canadian, settler decendants must learn about treaty and honour these legally binding documents.

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