Sunday, December 23, 2012

Settlers in Solidarity with Spence Leaving Messages from Forbes to Wyant

Yesterday I put one of our signs, "Nation-to-Nation, Harper Meet Spence," in the back window of Victoria's Cressida as she drove Moira, Sweet, Kevin and me to meet up with the family in Regina to watch The Hobbit. I rode shot-gun, finishing my phoning list on my cell phone.
I left messages with David Forbes of Saskatoon and Hon. Donna Harpauer of Humboldt. Said something like, "My name is Sheena Koops. I am following up on an email I sent you and a letter I delivered to the legislative steps yesterday regarding Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike. I want us to utilize our constituent emails and contacts, encouraging them to contact Prime Minister Harper. I want you to utilize your Ottawa contacts to get some movement from Harper to meet with Chief Spence."
Victoria, my oldest, turned the heat down so I could hear the messages and know when the beep came so I could talk. The kids in the backseat were listening to music, headphones on, ignoring us.
I circled another twenty-one MLAs who listed 787-4300 where I've already left a message: Jeremy Harrison of Meadow Lake; Glen Hart of Last Mountain; Darryl Hickie of Prince Albert; Bill Hutchinson of Regina South; Yog Huyghebaert of Wood River; Victoria Jurgens of Prince Albert; Delbert Kirsch of Batche; Greg Lawrence of Moose Jaw; Gene Makowsky of Regina; Paul Merriman of Saskatoon; Warren Michelson of Moose Jaw; Scott Moe of Rosthern; Norris Rob of Saskatoon; Greg Ottenbreit of Yorkton; Roger Parent of Saskatoon; Kevin Phillips of Melfort; Laura Ross of Regina Qu'Appelle; Warren Steinley of Regina; Corey Tochor of Saskatoon; Don Toth of Moosomin; and Nadine Wilson of Saskatchewan River.
The phone rang and rang and rang with no answering machine at Nancy Heppner of Martensville; Ken Krawetz of Canora; Russ Marchuk of Regia; Tim McMillan of Lloydminster; Don McMorris of Indian Head; Don Morgan of Saskatoon; Jim Reiter of Rosetown; and Gordon Wyant of Saskatoon.
In between calls, Victoria and I talked about what it would take Harper to soften his heart. Victoria was angry, feeling like Harper was assisting in suicide.
I left a message with Warren McCall of Moose Jaw thanking him for speaking from his heart at the Idle No More gathering on the steps of the legislative assembly. I encouraged him to utilize all his contacts to get movement on this urgent matter.
Victoria told me she was proud of me. I felt good that my kids were seeing me figure out how to be involved. "I've never written to the Prime Minsiter or Premier before," I said.
I left messages with John Nills of Regina, Cathy Sproule of Saskatoon; Lyle Stewart of Thunder Creek; and Christine Tell of Regina Wascana.
Every now and then, Victoria turned turned the heat because our feet were freezing. 
Doyle Vermette of Cumberlan's message freaked me out because it was in French (unless I called the wrong number) so I left a pretty disjointed message. And Randy Weekes of Biggar he had a 798 number, so I tried the prefix 787, but that didn't work either.
Finally, as we pulled into Regina, I left a message with Trent Wotherspoon of Regina Rosemont, thanking him for delivering my letters yesterday at the legislative assembly and his support at the Idle No More walk.
We went to The Hobbit, fifteen strong, Dad staying at Andrea's with baby Neve. We opened some gifts afterward with my brother's family, and then it was home by midnight.
This morning at our Sunday Circle, Trudine said, "We need to pray that something will change in Harper's heart." Ellen said, "I woke up this morning and started praying for Chief Spence."
Reminds me of a sign at the Idle No More walk that said something like, "The Creator is more powerful than Harper."
I admit my powerlessness. I call on my Creator. As a follower of Jesus, I pray in his name because I believe he has already beat the darkness.

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  1. I am not so sure a meeting with Harper is going to make one bit of difference. There have been many meetings, and still the Canadian government does not honour its treaties!

    I am pleased to see the First Nations people organizing and standing up together to get what they deserve, and to see so many non-First Nations people supporting them. I hope Chief Spence gets the results she hopes for.