Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Idle No More

I have been receiving updates from "Idle No More" and I have to admit I wasn't really paying attention until I heard interviews yesterday on the six o'clock news and then saw this picture Kate had posted on facebook.

Photo: Treaty Chiefs marching on Parliament Hill!

Aboriginal People's Commission Photo
"Treaty Chiefs Marching on Parliament Hill"
December 4th, 2012

Then I started reading comments from passionate supporters and some who had big questions. I made a comment, number sixty seven, and I realized I was the first newcomer Canadian to do so. Where are we, the treaty partner? I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for people who truly understand treaty to be stood up like this. It's kind of like one-sided marriage where only one partner if fighting for an equal marriage and the other is just cruising along, calling the shots, oblivious to the power imbalance.

But I can't point fingers. Here I've been hearing about Idle No More and not doing my homework or paying attention.  Like Buffy Sainte Marie says in "Universal Soldier", "It comes from him and you and me..."

Here's another wake-up call to me and my immigrant Canadian heritage. As a treaty partner how am I supporting the keepers of the treaties? How am I moving toward treaty implementation which was interrupted by the oppressive Indian Act?

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  1. Hi, my name is Teresa and I'm a reporter with the Ottawa Citizen. In light of #idlenomore, I'm interested in your viewpoint as a non-Aboriginal person about what your responsibilities are as a treaty-person.
    Please email me if you'd like to discuss: