Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friendship Dance on Highway One

Come out and join the Trans Canada Idle No More Coast to Coast Friendship Dance.

Not all of us can make it to Ottawa, but our spirit will.

On Friday December 21st at 12:00 pm many of our people will be participating in a peaceful rally to Parliament Hill.  Our Chiefs, Councilors, Elders, family members and friends have made their way to Ottawa to voice opposition to the C-45 government's omnibus legislation. Our people do us proud. They carry with them the legacy of our ancestors, the voices of our people, the stewardship of the land, the survival of our traditions and they secure the gifts that we will give the children for many generations to come. This is a very serious time and it requires our attention.

How can we make sure that our support and concern is shown? It can be done close to home.
Join the Trans-Canada friendship dance along the roadside leading to Ottawa, on Highway 1 and Highway16.

People from all nations can band together to form a link right across Canada- from coast to coast.

All people can organize themselves, identify their place and Nationhood on signs, and a position on the highway closest to their home and make their presence known.

More information about the Ottawa peace rally can be found on facebook at
“Idle no more – Ottawa – Ontario”.

Tell everyone you know about the
Trans-Canada friendship dance. Access to the Internet is very limited for some, so please forward the information on to those that do not have Internet access. Inform them by phone or fax.

This is a peaceful act. It is not blockade. Take care of the aunties, the elders and the young. Talk and listen to the elders. Respect the treaties.

Bring your chairs, your blankets, your food and some warm thoughts.

(shared with permission)

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