Monday, December 24, 2012

A Walking Prayer

I woke up this morning with the same prayer, the one I fell asleep to last night, on the eve of Jesus' birthday, I am praying in His name that our Chief Minister, our Servant Leader, Mr. Harper's heart will soften. I am praying that Chief Spence's health will strengthen.

As I wrap gifts, as I drink coffee, as I wash dishes, as I do laundry, as I plug in the Christmas tree, as I hug my daughters, as I hold my husband's hand, as I phone friends and loved ones, as I check facebook, as I text Keitha, as I wait for Mom, Dad, Andrea, and Arwen, as we celebrate Christmas Eve, as I tease Tyler, as we leave stockings out for Santa, as I go to sleep, I will keep this prayer broadcasting from my heart. Today, may I be a walking prayer.

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