Monday, March 4, 2013

We Stand Together Fact #6

Hi Sheena,
To begin our second week of the We Stand Together campaign, here is Daily Fact #6:
In use since 1816, the Métis flag is one of the oldest Canadian flags.

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In the 18th century, European fur traders began to marry First Nations women. Their families gave rise to a new Aboriginal People with a distinct cultural identity, language and way of life. Over time, they became known as the Métis Nation. Métis communities formed in the Great Lakes region and along fur trade routes across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, as well as in Ontario, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Throughout their history, the Métis people have come together to preserve their culture, traditions and language and to protect their rights as a nation within Canada.

The flag representing the Métis Nation has evolved over time, and was first flown in 1816 by Métis fighters during the battle of Seven Oaks, a confrontation between rival fur trade companies in what is presently Winnipeg, Manitoba. Today, the most commonly used Métis flags have either a red or a blue background and feature a white infinity symbol. This symbol is said to represent the joining of the Indigenous and European cultures, as well the continuous survival of the Métis culture. The Métis were recognized by the Canadian government as an Aboriginal People in 1983. After this, the Métis National Council was formed to represent the interests of the Métis people to the Canadian government and internationally.

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