Friday, March 15, 2013

Grade Tens, the Puzzle is Finished: Or is it?

I thought I'd have more time. I thought I could take pictures next week of all the kids huddling around, at least two or three in each period, sometimes four, five, six at a time, working on the puzzle.
But today, Sharise says, "Can I go for a break when I finish the puzzle?"
"No," I say, but then I notice she has filled in quite a lot of the faces and is moving down the board.
I'm up and down from my desk, with Sharise at my back, and everytime I look, she's closer and closer. I start taking a picture every time I get up because I realize she's about to finish.
Before last break, Sharise has only a few pieces. I'm snapping pictures. My husband and colleague, Mr. Koops comes into the room. "You're missing a piece," he says, and then leans into the puzzle.
And then, just like that, Sharise puts in the last piece, minus two.
"Can I go for a break now?" she says.
The bell rings. I walk to my intercom and announce, "Grade tens, the puzzle is finished." I hear a little ripple of faned, "ahhhh" in the hallway, then some kids come to check it out.
One of my daughter, Moira's, best friends comes into the classroom.
"It's finished," I say.
"Or is it?" she says, pointing at the two missing pieces.


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  1. If it's a picture about treaty/lack of treaty/broken treaty/wanting treaty... maybe the missing two pieces are the royal "you" and "me".