Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Henderson Hallway Hosts Idle No More Webinar

I received an email from somewhere and the title, "Teaching Idle No More in the Classroom" caught my eye. Then, I noticed that Canada's History magazine was sponsoring the webinar. http://www.canadashistory.ca/ I signed up immediately, even though I was expecting company into my classroom, right when the webinar was scheduled to begin.
Tamara Smith, grad student and fellow teacher, had made an interview date with me. She is researching "Teachers Engaged with Treaty Education at the High School Level -- a Multiple Case Study".
I emailed Tamara.
Hi Tamara. I just received this invitation to a webinar on Teaching Idle No More. I have signed up for it in the hopes that you and I might watch together, and let this be part of the "living curriculum" interview of a real teacher engaged in treaty education. Often, opportunities come up, last minute, and I have to jump at them. We would then have so many new things to consider in our interview to follow. I have no commitments this evening, so we could still do interview and see some of the sights, maybe go for supper??? Just throwing ideas at you. If you are on a tight schedule tonight, I get that, too.

Hello Sheena,
I think that sounds great! My schedule is wide open tonight, so I am up for having supper. I'll still come to the school around 4:00, if that's okay. We can maybe start the interview (a question or two) before the webinar and go from there.
Sound good?





Hi Sheena,

Thanks again for your great participation in the webinar today - I'm really happy you came. I haven't had a chance to put together the follow-up email to everyone, but I have put the recording up online. I just wanted to send you the link in case you wanted to blog about it tonight: http://www.canadashistory.ca/Education/Webinars/For-Teachers.aspx

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