Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wab Kinew Fan Club, Anyone?

Has anyone started a Wab Kinew Fan Club already? I know my buddy Kate kept telling me all last year as I treaty walked along the gravel road, "Sheena, you have to watch Eighth Fire."

I'd heard about Eighth Fire maybe five years ago, but not the CBC programme. It was a documentary. Valerie Brooks and I had attended the screening in Winnipeg while at an Aboriginal Education conference. This Eighth Fire documentary was powerful, depicting the prophecy of the nations coming together, and the crucial leadership which would be provided by First Nations people.

I finally did watch an episode of CBC's Eighth Fire, and Kate's prediction was right. I have to watch these. And I believe the leadership provided by Idle No More grassroots people and famous media sensations, like Wab, are proving the documentary true, too.

When I saw Wab host the Idle No More, Coast to Coast Livestream Conference, I was pretty much awed by his focus, clarity and ease in front of the camera. Yup, I became a bonified fan.

But when I woke to his voice on the radio yesterday morning, listening to someone just say it like it is, I thought, "who is this guy" and then it hit me, "it's Wab Kinew."

And Wab's been right there with me, leading away as my first follow on twitter, thanks to Tamara. In fact, I got one of my first retweets when I wrote, "Here in treaty four territory, Wab Kinew walks on water."

So you can only imagine yesterday when I tweeted "@WabKinew I woke to interview this am thinking who is that thoughtful voice. It was you. Will your lecture be livestreamed? I can't be there." and he replied, "@TreatyWalks I don't believe so, but it will be online and in print later." You can just imagine how over the moon I was. I am.

So, has anyone started a Wab Kinew Fan Club already?

Check out Wab's blog.

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