Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tamara Teaches Treaty Twitter

It's snowing outside but Tamara keeps going along Highway 10, from Regina to Fort Qu'Appelle so she can ask me some questions around her thesis: Teachers Engaged with Treaty Education at the High School Level -- A Multiple Case Study. Val Mulholland, her prof and my ex-thesis committee member (and friend) hooked us up.
When Tamara walks into my classroom, I'm watching my very first webinar playing out on the smart board: it's all about teaching Idle No More in the classroom. http://www.treatywalks.blogspot.ca/2013/03/henderson-hallway-hosts-idle-no-more.html We don't even really make introductions, just laugh, and log on another computer so Tamara can participate in the webinar, too.
After the webinar, Tamara gets down to the purpose of her visit: "To gain insights into Saskatchewan high school teachers' experiences with implementing the 2008 mandate of treaty education, specifically asking the question, 'How have white-settler, female teachers in Saskatchewan engaged with teaching treaties at the high school level and what can others learn from their experiences?'"
Tamara has great questions, like, "How did you become engaged in treaty education? Who or what sparked your interest?" and "What does it mean to you to be 'meaningfully engaged in treaty education'?"
We chat for some time, and somewhere in there, I tell her that my friend, Sue, and I have challenged each other to learn how to tweet. "I'll teach you," says Tamara.
Within a two hour window, I've attended my first webinar, been interviewed, and sent my first tweet, all thanks to my new, young, teacher friend, Tamara. With folks like Tamara, my old hallway buddy Mallory who is now teaching in Lipton, and my two former interns, Jade Ivan and Mira Krahn, I'm feeling pretty confident in this new crop of English teachers growing in Saskatchewan.
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