Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Jam Space Second Sunday in Lemberg

Driving out from Fort Qu'Appelle, in Treaty Four Territory -- past Balcarres, Abernathy, the Motherwell Homestead, to Lemberg -- the land is blowing with snow, wide open and beautiful. I've never been to Peepeekisis First Nation, just around the bend, but I want to make a shout out to our treaty neighbours. Thank you for sharing this land.
In Lemberg the band outnumbers the audience and everyone in Richard's Jam Space is an artist. All the way home I'm singing harmony to Joe's new recording.
Music speaks. It brings people together. It's a treaty, of sorts, helping us get along. It gives us focus and a common vision. And when it's all working together, like when Joe is singing, "Go Rest High on that Mountain" and the boys are three-harmony-deep, well, that's worth driving forty-five minutes through a storm. That's worth stepping out of the warm comfort zone of my vehicle. That's worth remembering to say thank you.


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