Wednesday, February 13, 2013

end of the day

this about says it all

here's a shout out to my colleagues
who teach
just across the playground
where all three of my daughters
my neices and nephews
my community's babies
have been loved and hugged
taught to focus on their strengths
to find their voices
to get along together
within the diversity
we are blessed to share
here in the qu'appelle valley
treaty four territory
(Thank you to Shelley and Michelle,
two of Fort Qu'Appelle's finest,
for letting me snap this end of the day shot.)

1 comment:

  1. Since the topic is Treaty- I have to add a comment one of these amazing teachers said last year. She drives in from a different community, but she said that she brought her kids to FQECS on purpose to go to school because of the diversity. They could have gone to school in their community, but she was glad that her kids got to learn along side kids of different cultures and backgrounds in Fort Qu'Appelle- that it was enriching and a fuller experience for them.