Thursday, February 21, 2013

Language Laboratory

A sentence is like a worm.

What if you chop it in half?
What if you dissect it?
What if you find it in the rain?
What if you put it on a hook? And go fishing?
What if you made mud pudding with chocolate, whip cream and worm sentences?
What if it was made of jujubes?
What if you studied it in Biology?
What if it grew to be six feet long?
What if you picked it up and chased your little sister?

Mad Scientist with Flyswatter
Official Iron Science Teacher Lab Coat

Diagramming Sentences

Worm Sentence Dissected
Linking Verbs as Hippy Verbs
in their State of Being
"It's just the way it is, Man."

Language Lab Complete with Diagrams



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