Friday, June 1, 2012

Day One Hundred Seventy Nine: June 1st Pictures


  1. They're all gorgeous, but I especially love the light in the last one!

  2. I was hit with the combination of these pictures. First the intense beauty of the land, then the First Nation representative holding the eagle in worship and thanks to the creator and next the SK flag torn in half. If treaties represent the relationship between First Nation peoples and Newcomers- did they bring more tearing (tEEring and tAIring) than togetherness, more harm than healing and unity? But then there are the open skies- perhaps hope that in seeking the Creator again, that in looking above or beyond ourselves, that in seeking freedom for all- maybe there is hope- flowers, fruit. The last picture is a path- how will we walk it? In division, in hurt, or have we learned from the past and move forward together?