Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day One Hundred Eighty Six: Dr. Quinn Question

Tamara Tucker writes:

Here is a random question for you....were you a Dr. Quinn fan?! If not, I totally think you should be! haha:)

Several months ago I found all of the episodes posted on YouTube and began watching them and have since watched all of the seasons. I got totally hooked because I find the social/economic/political/cultural/racial issues that that they were dealing with in the late 1800s so totally relevant to what is still going on currently in Canada, Zambia, and the world at large. It is all about 'development' from my perspective because that is what I study. Specifically, I am studying land issues in Zambia from a post-colonial lens for my thesis work, so I could see many parallels between the capturing of land from first nations people in Colorado and what was done in Africa. (Different specific details between the contexts, but the same motivations and goals behind the process of dispossession, alienation, etc.) I also often thought about your treaty walks and could see parallels between the issues you blog about while watching the many adventures of Dr. Quinn.

Anyway, I have been meaning to write this random tidbit to you for quite some time now. Thanks for listening!

:) Tamara

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