Monday, June 4, 2012

Day One Hundred Eighty: Treaty Walks Blurb for Sue

Sue emailed me this morning to see if she could walk with me tomorrow morning; however, I'll be away tomorrow. On our last Treaty Walk, last week, she asked me if I could have a blurb written by Monday, and that's today. Sue has asked Keitha and I to be facilitators at next fall's Calling Lake's Treaty Days event.

Hi Sue.

I’m not at school tomorrow. Would Wednesday, Thurs or Friday work?

I am also thinking about what to do to “celebrate” or honour or do something for Day 200… and would really appreciate your input.

I’m also wondering about on Day 200 if we could Treaty Walk Fort Qu’Appelle because the way I scheduled it, Day 200 is actually the Friday of the last week of school (and school is over on the Thursday)… so I’d have the Friday free. If so, would you be interested in helping me organize a weiner roast or something that day. We get so crazy on the last day I’m afraid to put any extra stress on any of “my” people…

As far as blurbing about Treaty Walks. Here goes:

Treaty Walks

While writing morning pages in my journal last spring, I wrote these statements: I want to get in better shape. I should walk to school next fall. As I walk, I should meditate on the Treaties. Walking to school “every day the busses run”, meditating on the treaties, blogging and posting pictures along the way, has become my Treaty Walks

So, what is a Treaty Walk? A Treaty Walk is putting one foot on the ground and then the other with treaty on the mind. It’s meditating on a small nuance or a grand concept of treaty. It’s sharing treaty knowledge as part of an individual’s personal journey. It’s bringing the five senses to the treaty table. It’s one small step in and toward treaty. It’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical treaty education. It’s putting treaty thoughts to action and treaty actions to thought. It’s treaty praxis. It’s taking treaty to work in the morning, and taking treaty home in the evening. It’s getting up close and personal with treaty. It’s reclaiming, building, strengthening treaty relationships.

Am I on the right track, here, Sue?


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