Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day One Hundred Ninety One: Top Ten Countdown

This morning as I walk onto the muddy trail between the baseball diamonds I hear someone yell "Mrs. Koops." I look and there is Scotty and Kennedy waving from the pitcher's mound.

Since Day Number Two, Scotty MacDonald has been asking me, "How was your walk today Mrs. Koops?" or "Did you walk today? Pretty cold, hey?" This morning , as we meet near the Rexentre, he says, "Never thought I'd actually walk with you on your Treaty Walks."

"That's because I'm late," I say. "I phoned the office and told them I'd be ten minutes late, but now it's more like fifteen."

"I can't believe you're still walking."

"Yep, today is day ten in my last ten day countdown."

In period five Scotty writes the following:

All the Stuff I saw in Mrs. Koops' Pix:

"June 19th Mrs. Koops saw a bird on a line, some nice flowers. She saw a track ho that almost ran her over. Then she went over to see the tracks in the road to take a pix. Now she carries on her way to school. Oh, look, three birds flying in front of the hills. She goes further to see a semi gassing up. I think she trips and takes a pix of bush, moves up farther to see a trail and some mushrooms. Oh, look. Scott and Kennedy are walking to school, too, so Scott and Kennedy start running to meet up with Mrs. Koops so we can walk together and talk all the way to school."

Reason Number Ten Why I Love Treaty Walks: Walking with people like Scott and Kennedy. Passing other walkers on their way home or to work or school. Walking with folks like Sue and Angie. Walking with Arwen and with Mom. Walking and talking.

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