Saturday, August 13, 2016

Three Sisters

Arwen Dawn
will fly to Saskatchewan
from Estonia, today
just as Moira Jane
and Victoria Leigh
her sisters
have landed
before her
over the years
with Auntie Andrea
my sister.
While in Estonia
Arwen wrote the following
and posted a picture on Facebook
with the buildings called
The Three Sisters. 
"The Three Sisters. They stand tall and proud supporting each other. They have endured the wind, rains, the heat and the cold. Never have they fallen and never have they waverd under the gaze of the people and so shall we. Victoria and Moira it makes me very happy to be able to see the place you love so passionately. It really is a blessing to be your baby sister. Love you all and to any of you with sisters I am sure you understand how this truly is a remarkable feat to be forever with your sisters. Lol."
I shared on my Facebook page.
"Now all three of my girls have visited 'The Three Sisters' in Estonial with their amazing Auntie Andrea. Thank you Arwen for the beautiful tribute to sisterhood. I'm so thankful for you, your sisters, my sister, my sister-in-laws, my cousin sisters, my faith sisters, my Treaty sisters, my childhood sisters..."

To my daughters, the three sisters,
may you use your power and privilege
your strength and structure
your beauty and blessings
your intelligence and ingenuity
your happiness and hope
to walk in a good way
gently, confidently on this land
towards truth and reconciliation
in this seventh generation
for which the old ones thought of you
and your Indigenous friends
speaking vision into Treaty
that we would get along with one another
that we would all have freedom in livelihood
that we would be one with the land
that we would be family
hiy hiy


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