Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bird's Eye View of Treaty Four Gathering

The many levels of organization are coming together as Treaty peoples work together to prepare for the Treaty Four Gathering, September 12th to 18th in Fort Qu'Appelle.

Monday at noon there will be a feast. All are welcome.

"Empowering Women" is the 30th Treaty Four theme; Monday evening there will be a gathering facilitated by the University of Regina at the Governance Centre, as families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls share their journeys.

Just to name a few of the student activities, Tuesday to Thursday, there will be traditional foods, traditional medicines, dry meat, hide tanning, treaty teachings, traditional hunting, teepee making, old time tipi, dream catchers, Blanket Exercise, Orange Shirt Day awareness, Veteran's tent, and many other activities with FHQTC, SICC, FNUC, RCMP, Treaty 4 Education, and Sparky the Fire Dog mascot. All day Wednesday there will be an Interactive Career Fair.

David Johnson, the Governor General of Canada and Caroloyn Bennet, the Canadian Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs will spend all day Tuesday in "Crown-Treaty four Relations".

Wednesday evening there's a talent show; Thursday evening a dry dance; Friday evening is Crystal Shawanda in Lebret. Saturday morning is the parade; Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday is the pow wow.

Last year, Andre-Boutin Maloney and his photography students from Bert Fox Community High School photographed these great shots from a bird's eye view on the pow wow grounds, after most students had gone home from the activities of the day.


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