Sunday, August 21, 2016

Picnic and Music at the Friendship Centre

"Will you be able to bring some blankets to the park? I'm busy making sandwiches now," Keitha says on the phone.

"For sure," I say. "I'll bring a whole tub of blankets." I am thinking of a pink bin full of blankets that we use in the Blanket Exercise. It seems to me that sharing them with Outreach friends in Pocket Park is a way to bless the blankets for future use.

But, August 10th we wake up to dark clouds and by 10:30 it is pouring.

Keitha and Ellen make the call, we will picnic at the Friendship Centre.

Keitha, happy to see everyone out for the indoor picnic.
Doug plays under the peace sign.
Shantal, Keitha's Granddaugther, and Leon, Shantal's Dad.
Ellen and Abby

Miranda and Mark, two more of Keitha's Grandchildren.

Louella, a longtime volunteer at Outreach.

Arletta and Lorne

Eleanor telling Abby that it's her birthday on Saturday.

Eleanor, always laughing.
Leon and Alivin, making the photographer laugh so hard the camera wouldn't focus.

Louella, Nikki and Eleanor

It's a simple thing, to share sandwiches, fruit, and veggies around the same table. We are thankful for the Community Outreach. We are thankful for the Friendship Centre. We are thankful for spaces that we can be together.

Douglas Song has put a picture on Facebook with this message:

"Join Community Outreach at the park and share food and music! You don't have to be musically talented (like me) to participate. It will be on 10th and 24th of August at 12 o'clock."
I hope he brought the guitar in out of the rain.
I hope the Sun is shining next Wednesday.

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