Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Arwen from the Vintage Tea Room

My baby is in Estonia for the summer with her awesome Auntie Andrea. Today is Arwen's 14th birthday and I am missing her. One of her favourite places in Regina is the Vintage Tea Room. If she was here today, I'd take her out and spoil her good. Hey, wait a minute, I did take her there, right before she left. She ordered dessert and everything.

Last dance season, Arwen and her best buddy, Talisa, and I went to the Tea Room. The girls shared a big pot of tea; drank with their pinkies in the air; and put up with me commenting on the colonialism and even questioning the "reserved" sign. I told them that they should open up a fusion restaurant, and then they just got good and silly thinking up combinations from our combined heritages.

I know I've said it before, and I'll likely say it again, I have such hope for our youth and the way many are living out the Treaty relationship.

Talisa's dad, Mike, told me about the importance of this, the "seventh generation" and that this is the time we must reclaim languages and cultures. He is a teacher, working hard toward that reality, at home and at school. Mike has also helped me with further understandings of the four Cree Treaty words in my song "As Long as the Grass Grows": miyowîcêhtowin, pimâcihowin, wîtaskêwin, wâhkôhtowin.

Talisa's mom, Lisa, is like a second mom to Arwen, like the mom everybody would love to have. She is cheerful, kind, wise, patient, intelligent, caring, and so gentle. Lisa is a nurse, and she brings all her personality and strengths from home to work and back home again.

Michael and I love to have Talisa in our home, not just because it keeps Arwen out of our hair, but because Talisa brings out the best in our daughter. Together they are stronger.

Getting along with each other, miyowîcêhtowin.
Making a living, pimâcihowin.
Being one with the land, wîtaskêwin.
Treaties make us kin, wâhkôhtowin.

Happy Birthday, Baby. We will see you soon.

Love, Mum

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