Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty-Five: Treaty Kit Photo Shoot in Wolseley

bounty and benevolence
Dr. Isman school bell
from dream to reality
this bell came from England
and they told us their stories
beneath the Canada flag
treaty elders of Saskatchewan
in the playground, too
making the connection
on a park bench
the learning circle classroom activities on First Nations
behind the steering wheel
a statement of treaty issues
stepping onto the swinging bridge
over the thawing winter dam
office of the treaty commissioner
along Pearly Ave
Little Pine and Lucky Man
beside blonde girl petting chestnut horse
we are all treaty people
outside the Wolseley Opera House
through the eyes of the Cree and beyond
the man-made waterfall
Treaty Four
beside the oldest courthouse in Saskatchewan
over red stairs of the law
Qu'Appelle treaty
with Wolseley hospital
in front of the cenotaph
life on the reserve
beside A.D. 1906 United Church
in their own land
before Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont murals
teaching treaties in the classroom
among the trees
people of the buffalo
thirteen kilometres to Carry the Kettle First Nation
a treaty resourse guide
beside a red river cart in Indian Head

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