Thursday, October 18, 2012

Remembering our Roots Education Week

 Bert Fox Community High School and
Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School
Education Week 2012: Remembering Our Roots
Remembering Our Roots: Sharing Our Present
"Sharing our common history will bring us closer together in the Present"
"It (the TRC) will be a positive step in forging a new relationship between Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians, a relationship based on the knowledge of our shared history, a respect for each other and a desire to move forward together with a renewed understanding that strong families, strong communities and vibrant cultures will contribute to a stronger Canada for all of us." Prime Minister Stephen Harper, June 11, 2008

Remembering Our Roots: Sharing Our Present
"Terrance Littletent at Treaty Four Gathering teaching children the Hoop Dance"
"As we get older I hope we're getting wiser, too. And part of getting wise, I think, is becoming kinder, and if that's true, if we become kinder as we get older, then our people will get stronger. And the things that we build together, we're not going to break them up. We're going to build them more." Ovide Mercredi, March, 2012

Remembering Our Roots
Miyowicehtowin: Getting Along with Others
"This country has given me a second chance." Tewodros (Ted) Jaleta from Never Give Up

Remembering Our Roots:
Witaskewin: Living Together on the Land
"Treaties between the First Nations people and the British Crown are the building blocks in the creation of the country of Canada and provide for peace and good order for all people in Canada." Statement of Treaty Issues: Treaties as a Bridge to the Future, OTC, 1998.

Remembering Our Roots:
Pimacihowin: Making a Living
"I come to you today with a good heart and I hope that my comments will challenge us. I also hope that they will provide hope for the future and that they will lead us closer to prosperity for all -- as was the vision held by our forefathers." Bill McKnight, Commissioner, Office of the Treaty Commissioner, March 2012 Chiefs' Forum on Treaty Implementation

Remembering Our Roots:
Sharing Our Future: Building Strong Communities
"As long as the grass grows, the sun shines and the rivers flow."
Alexander Morris, Treaty Commissioner
Thank you to Valerie Brooks for the poster layout. Hats off to my friends in elementary education who regularly make bulletin boards. How do you make it look so effortless? This bulletin board took me two hours to complete!

Two of my favourite reasons why
remembering our roots matters today :)
Arwen and Talisa

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