Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inequity Game

It's the square heads versus the pointy heads. Kids use fly swatters to "buzz in" and answer questions about equality. In round one, it doesn't matter what the pointy heads do, the square heads have the advantage. In the second round, the game steeps toward the square heads. In round three, a wise little owl narrates the game. He's angry that the game hasn't been played fairly so far.

"If you were treated unfairly in this game, how did you feel?" says Miss Krahn to the pointy heads after round one and the square heads after round two.

Just before the bell rings, Miss Krahn assigns a "quick write" followup activity:

1. Why do we get angry when things aren't fair? Go.

2. When you hear the word inequity, what do you think of? Go.


To see the Inequity Game, go to PBS Kids:

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