Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slightly out of Focus

This morning the sky is a drama unfolding between darkness and light. Every step forward is closer to the tension. Every step forward is another step away from the power source at my back. Half way to school I take off my jacket and enjoy the sunshine and cool air on my bare arms. I could keep walking on and on, taking pictures from every angle in every direction, but I am really missing my little Kodak M1033 that died on me last spring. I thought I could just use my cell phone, but most shots are slightly out of focus. Makes me think about my understanding of treaty. Do I have the right equipment? Do I have the understanding to really study this living relationship between the First People and the Newcomers?  I have started reading a book from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner Treaty Kit I was given last year, Bounty and Benevolence. There is so much to learn about our shared history. There is so much to understand about what treaty means today. So far, what I do see as clear as the sky and land around me is that treaty can be a beautiful thing if we get out and walk it. Walk the treaty talk.

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