Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Go Forth and Be Awkward

Sunshine and yellowing leaves. Blue lake and red kayaks. Fresh air and young hearts.

The Kenosee Inn on the shores of Lake Kenosee is our home for three days and two sleeps. Mira and I are partnered with two other cooperating teacher and intern pairs (Syndy and Kelly; Lisa and Daniel) as well as two fearless facilitators, Murray and Greg. We cover it all: the philosophy, science, art, social, and communication of teaching.

Our last session together is called, "Teaching for a Better World." There is a variety of experience in the room. Letter written to Z99 over heteroism; discussion of religious persecution; racism; sexism; ism isms.

After our sessions are officially over, we've packed our bags, we've loaded our truck, we've left our keys on the dresser top, we head back to our instructors cabin for an after lunch check in and check out. I bring a copy of our student written magazine: Our Young People Speak. I also share the participant posters as community curriculum and some of my blog posts left over from photocopies I made for the Chamber of Commerce presentation last week ( and

We are reflecting on the uncomfortableness of raising issues that are not polite and may not be welcome. I share that my life is full of awkwardness; it's my superpower. We laugh, and as we part, I pronounce a benediction: Go Forth and Be Awkward.

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  1. By the way, I think you look so YOUNG in this pic Sheena! Wow, the fountain of youth- in a good way.