Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day One Hundred Sixty Four: Treaty People's Creed

Hazel Jardine sent this statement to Cathy Cochrane, my principal, along with a letter of support as our students will take part in the Truth and Reconcilliation Hearings in Fort Qu'Appelle next Monday and Tuesday.

I am not sure who is the author.

Treaty People's Creed

We are, all of us,
Treaty People:
Aboriginal and
Inuit and Metis,
Immigrant and
First Nations --
inheritors of a
common history,
inhabitants of a
common land,
travellers to a
common destiny.

We have known
friendship and animosity,
cooperation and oppression
blessing and pain.
And now we embrace
the sacred covenant
that makes us one,
that softens the heart,
that dismantles the
prisons of the past.

We joyfully claim
our rights and
responsibilities as
Treaty People.

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