Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day One Hundred Fifty Eight: Facebook Pass

No. 4
Department of Indian Affairs
Duck Lake Agency
November 18th, 1932
Edward Yahyahkeekoot (Yayakikot)
Of Beardy’s Band
No. 125
Is permitted to be absent
from his reserve for
two weeks
Days from date herof.
Hunting big game for food
and is permitted to carry a gun
Illegible Signature
Indian Agent

“Thought you might find
this interesting.
It’s from a pass issued to a man
on my reserve.
Look at the date.
Not that long ago and
maybe an interesting topic,”
says Char.

“Hey Char. This is blowing my mind.
I feel dizzy and physically sick.
This document is so okay with
it’s racism.”

On a second reading
I put the date and the details
together and imagine people
from Beardy’s carried guns
for our country
in World War One
and would again
the Second time around.

In the thirties my grandfathers
were feeding their families
small and big game
from Saskatchewan to Ontario.

This dull-grey facebook post
is story after story after story
and my eyes burn salt
though I have not yet
even listened.

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  1. Its Edward Yahyahkeekoot (YayaKikot) <3
    Thanks for honoring him on your blog.