Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Ninety-Two: January 18th Pictures


  1. Kellen saw this last picture of you and told me it is Arwen. I had to tell him about 5 times that I was absolutely sure it was Auntie and not Arwen. I can see why he thought that though when I look more closely now, the eyes are the same.

  2. Hi Sheena,
    Just heard about your blog on CBC radio and wanted to check it out because I've been walking a brisk 45 minutes virtually every day since June, on the advice of a cardiologist who suggested that getting in shape would help prevent heart problems. In this weather it is particularly inspiring to know there is someone else — and quite close by (I'm near Wadena) — out walking, too, as vehicles drive past me on the country road and probably think I'm a little nuts.
    It's not always easy to get out there, is it? I can't force myself out first thing in the morning, but tend to wait till noon or so in winter. As a matter of fact, it's time to get going.
    Will check out your entries, just wanted to say hello first! - Kate