Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day Ninety-Six: Snapshots

Dark, dark, dark down the lane, I walk into the morning. It's like swimming in a deep lake with my eyes open, murky plants and shady lake bottom. I swim from lamp post to lamp post.

Breathing, breathing, breathing, down the road, the air is fresh like crystal dew. I want to write scratch-and-sniff words to share the fragrance. Mild-mint tang, clear-sage raindrop, wild frozen rose.

Point and shoot with the flash on lightening icon reveals underwater stills. Stands of trees and grasses. Reflector yellow road signs. Giant, wooden tentacles are octopus arms, reaching for the surface. My breath blows white bubbles up, up, up.

Students write and write and write their words on the final exam. "A changed heart can change the world," says Ms. Jade and the kids believe it. "When the world says, 'Give up,' Hope answers, 'Just try one more time'" they believe, too. Power thinking, venn diagrams, two column notes to prove it. Snapshots of teen-age-wisdom.

Invitation to Ron Cyr to give to Alfred and Chris. Invitation to the neighbours left in doorways down the hill, but hand delivered to neighbours Linda, Ruth and Pat. Snapshots of friendship, new doorways to stand in, waiting to be asked in.

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  1. These are great Sheena. I love the images of "Scratch and sniff words" and "Snapshots of friendship, new doorways...waiting to be asked in."