Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Twenty-One: Short Cut

Yesterday, on my way home, I timed my short cut, from one corner of the Treaty Four grounds to the corner past the ski hill. It took nine minutes, dodging gopher holes, stopping to take a picture of a white feather. This morning I remember that I want to time the long way, following the road. I look at my cell phone, 7:22. When I turn the corner by the gas station, I've only used about four minutes. What kind of long path is this? At the post this side of the bridge my time totals seven minutes. My long path is a short cut?

Tonight I'm covering my daughter's babysitting job while she goes to her piano lesson. I see the Regina Leader Post on the ottoman. The front page shows the protest from Cree Land, the gas station, to the Legeslative Building in Regina. There are elders, children, people in regalia, vetrans, and chiefs. One little guy carries a sign, "Our people fought alongside your people." The paper says they are marching to raise awareness that treaties are not being honoured. "A littany" of concerns, the paper says.

I read the introduction to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. I read excerpts from Amnesty International's No More Stolen Sisters: The Need for a Comprehensive Response to Discrimination and Viuolence Against Indigenous Women in Canada. I google October 4 Vigil Regina, Saskatchewan, and find "Sisters in Spirit Vigil" in Victoria Park at 6:30pm. I copy the notice and send it to my colleagues at the Elementary and High School. I also facebook my sisters with the information.

My long walks are turning into a short cut to my own awareness and hopefully action.

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