Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Sixteen: A Found Poem

treaty essential learning #3

walking down my lane
     the historical context
light on mission lake
     of treaties
passing tin trash bin
     the treaties were negotiated
leaving Darth Vader mug
     among many other historical events
looking like skull from violins
     this treaty essential learning
strolling from shadow to illumination
     provides a chronological review
red leaves on a blue sky
     of events
my shadow long on the dirt road
     relationships and policies
a side trail into the hills
     that influenced treaty negotiations
yellow and blue
     and implementation
a sign silhouette
     though treaties are the building blocks
a bird, high overhead
     of Canada
flies closer, a turkey vulture
     and are considered
white exhaust trails in the heavens
     stand alone documents
the giant governance tee pee
     other historical events
an old post fence
     have greatly impacted
the grass, sun, and river
     the treaties
two flags flapping in the wind
     and the treaty relationship

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