Sunday, September 4, 2016

You are Invited to the Treaty Four Feast on September 12th

Preparations are in full swing for the Treaty Four Gathering
September 12-18, 2016
You are invited to the Treaty Four Traditional Feast
Monday, noon, September 12th
Treaty Four Pow Wow Grounds

We are all Treaty people.

Never been to a Traditional Feast? Here's what you need to know:
  • Bring some food to share. One of the following would be great: soup, fruit, bannock, juice boxes (please deliver by 11:45 to the announcer’s booth set up area).
  • Bring a feast kit: carry away bag, multiple size plastic containers or jars with lids (for eating and take away), spoon, fork, knife, serviettes, plate, wipes if you like.
  • Blanket to sit on or a chair if you are elderly or unable to sit on the ground. 
  • Women, wear long skirts or wrap around and do not sit crossed legged, but with knees to the side.
  • Elders can bring a chair, if needed.
  • Selected young men will serve the food until it is all distributed.
  • Women sit together on one side and men sit together on the other side.
  • Women on their cycle (moon time) are asked to sit outside the circle to respect their power.
If you have questions that I can answer (from a newcomer’s or educator’s perspective), feel free to email me, or call at Bert Fox Community High School 306.332.4343.
Note: Invitation sent in consultation with Tracy Pasqua, Chair of Treaty 4 Gathering Events.

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