Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Walking Together by Danyelle Sieben

Walking Together

by Danyelle Sieben, Grade Eleven Student, Bert Fox Community High School

On July 1st I walked in the Canada Day parade- something I'd regularly be terrified to do with so many people watching- but in this case, I didn't care. In those moments I forgot all about the quiet reserve I approach things with, the way I try to hide at the edge of a classroom to avoid attention. I was doing something important.

This wasn't only about Orange Shirt Day to me; it was more than that. This was about supporting the two strong women who've done so much to support me.

Walking through the crowd, Mrs. Koops shouting information to the bystanders over the noise of nearby vehicles when we ran out of pamphlets, I felt at ease. I felt like I was a part of something.

This feeling came to a head when I saw the two teachers link together in front of me, Mrs. Gehl's arm going over Mrs. Koops as the other teacher returned the half hug that lasted a few steps. That parade may have come across as nothing more than a chance to get free candy to some, but I knew that it was the culmination of the hard work done by those two amazing women who'd set out to ensure no one forgot that Every Child Matters.

July 1st Canada Day Parade in Fort Qu'Appelle
Brooklyn Orban getting a selfie with Orange Shirt Day Fort Qu'Appelle team.

Danyelle, on the right with her mom, Kathy, on the left.

Danyelle on the far left, front, standing beside her mom.
Danyelle's teachers, Sheena and Roberta, are third and fourth from the left.


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