Monday, November 16, 2015

Treaty Essential Learnings

Native Studies Research/Inquiry Project.

This little book can help you research almost all of the topics. See the table of contents below.

Treaties: The entire book gives you information about the Treaties in Saskatchewan.

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 on page 11 and 19.
The Indian Act, 1876 on page 22; Amendments to the Indian Act on page 23; The Status Issue on page 56; and more contemporary thoughts on the Indian Act on page 57.
Colonialism Federal First Nation Legislation, 1867 on page 22; The Indian Act on page 22; "The Davin Report, 1879 on page 22; The Department of Indian Affairs (DIA) on page 22 and more...

Land Rights: Lands in Dispute on page 51 and Maps of "Location of Historical Treaty Boundaries in Canada" and "Treaty Boundaries, Location of the First Nations and the Treaty Sites in Saskatchewan" page 71 and 72.

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