Thursday, October 10, 2013

Treaty Walking with Sue and Lanelle

Sue drove into my yard around seven this morning. We've made a Treaty Walk date. She parks her car, meets me on my front steps. We hug, smile, laugh, and start walking down the lane.

What's new with you? Bla, bla, bla, says Sheena.

And how about you, Sue?

Sue Bland, artist and community dreamer, has been researching Treaty Four park. I have goose bumps as Sue tells me about what she's been learning from the Saskatchewan Archives.

A Volkswagen crunches to a stop on the gravel. It's my sister-in-law, Janet. All three little smurfs are tucked into the back seat. We chat about Janet's community cooking classes, making chicken lasagna this past week and how much fun folks are having.

Kellen has climbed into the front seat. Neve is strapped beyond her control. Janet tells Lanelle she can walk with us, and Mommy will pick her up once she's dropped off Kellen at Auntie's house. Lanelle jumps out and we start walking.

Pretty much a perfect morning in the yellow-leaf morning, sun rising behind the clouds. I'm holding my neice's hand, treaty walking.

What will the next generation learn about walking together on this land? What will the next generation teach us about getting along together?


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