Thursday, August 30, 2012

Four Strong


The sunlight slaps my back like an old friend as I step out of the shade. I turn around to say hello and the leaves are orange and giggling. So good to be outside this morning in the cool air.

Our sister schools, Balcarres Community School and Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary Community School, are arriving at Bert Fox Community High School for a morning of collaborative planning. Erin, who used to teach with us but now teaches in Balcarres, pops into my classroom. Want to play table tennis? So we set up the table and hit some balls.

In the gym Cathy, my principal, welcomes us with her enthusiastic mantra. We are to sign up for Professional Learning Communities, PLC's, and I see that Treaty Teaching Awareness is one of the options. I meet Roberta Gehl from Fort Elementary and she says she's in. Kaitlyn, Val's intern, and Mira, my intern, both want to join us, and there's our group. Four strong.

Late this afternoon I am off to a funeral for the grandmother of a former student. Today is full of endings and beginnings. Fall turns to winter turns to spring turns to summer turns to fall. Four seasons strong.

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