Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day Fifty-Three: Walking toward the Culture Room

Walking toward the Culture Room

the shadow of a tree
the silhouette of branches
the profile of an elder

Sandy addresses our students in the circle
red, blue, yellow, green link above
heroes of courage, love, respect, humility, wisdom on the walls
side-by-side they sit
and listen to stories
the old eyes watching
some names are lost
red, yellow, and blue dancing on black and white
photographs tell stories, too
"Let's make a list of First Nations leaders in our community"
silence like the black and white elders
who will speak up
who will lead us to our leaders
and then the names begin to fly
to fill the white page

Pinay, Ironchild, Keewatin, Goodwill
Delorme, Starr, Redman, Goodfeather
Peigan, Yuzicapi, Brass, Starblanket
Cyr, Anaquod, Isnana, Tawiyaka
Bellegarde, Koochicum, Crow, Day Walker

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